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Forest School Commaraderie

Sitting tonight at my kitchen table, Zooming in on a 'gathering' of ERAFANS members. I think there are 35+ folks from around the world, and Bulgaria, in attendance. It's nice to see Monica, ED and hear her soothing and giggly voice. She opened with a song and Gratitudes, and reminder of 10 Beliefs of Nature-Based Education.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to sit in on this virtual gathering, to hear from other nb educators. It feels good to be around with like-minded people.

We are in a break out session and there are four in our 'room'. Two in Detroit, one in PA, and me. The lady from PA is a 'pre-certfication' educator at Penn State. She's part of ERAFANS to hear from other educator experiences. Karen is a young woman with blue/green hair broadcasting from her craft room with sewing machine and calico kitty on the couch. She has BA in art and as mom to a deaf daughter, she has spent a lot of time doing signing-story telling and is now interested in continuing her entrepreneurial skills starting a nb child care. The other woman is an older, very attractive woman with long gray hair and large square glasses. She is a retired art teacher and enjoys staying in touch with education and believes in the nature-based principles because, after all, art and nature are one in the same. And then there is me. A newbie to this platform, hungry for collaboration and validation that my entrepreneurial venture into this new realm is worthy and needed.

The topic question for the break out session is.. "Why do you believe in nature-based education?"

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